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Name: juan
Phone: 6154032606
Question: I was having a air leak in the vent hose and that is fix smoke when starting and pouring oil maybe through the valves causing the spark plugs to fouling and give me a engine light for misfire. Could the PCV valve be bad And causing all this
Chat ID: 11765
Year: 2004
Make: bmw
Model: 530i
Engine Size: 3.0
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Master Tech Lee
 1:59:27 PM
Vent hose to PCV Valve?
juan  2:00:11 PM
Master Tech Lee
 2:00:54 PM
Was valve replaced?
juan  2:01:17 PM
No just the hose
Master Tech Lee
 2:02:01 PM
Let me pull up some info on your engine hold please
juan  2:02:13 PM
Okay thanks
Master Tech Lee
 2:02:31 PM
Do you know where the oil separator is?
juan  2:05:23 PM
I think I do
Master Tech Lee
 2:07:48 PM
I am thinking the oil separator has oil in it and when you fixed line leak now is sucking oil from it and causing you to see smoke. This would be the first step into the process of elimination. Also there is a TSB about the separator in thais article is about cold weather problem
I am preparing to send to you
juan  2:10:32 PM
Master Tech Lee
 2:12:56 PM
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this prep will take me 10 mins to prepare for you
juan  2:15:35 PM
I would like, but right now my bank cancel my debit card because they found fraud action, and right now I am waiting for the new card
Master Tech Lee
 2:16:10 PM
no problem when you can we will be here
almost done
juan  2:16:26 PM
Master Tech Lee
 2:17:24 PM
Positive Crankcase Ventilation: Locations
1.   Pressure regulating valve crankcase vent valve [Oil Separator]
2.   Vent pipe
3.   Connecting line
4.   Vent hose
5.   Oval head screw
6.   Vacuum ho s e black
7.   Return pipe
8.   Hose clamp
hold not finished
PCV Valve Hose
Engine – Engine Oil Separator Freezing Concerns
SIB 11 08 03
July 2010
Technical ServiceSUBJECT
Oil Separator – Cold Climate Conditions
E39 (5 Series) all with M54 engine
E46 (3 Series) all with M54 engine
E53 (X5) all with M54 engine
E60 (5 Series) all with M54 engine
E83 (X3) all with M54 engine
ES5 (Z4) all with M54 engine
Certain areas of the US experience extremely cold climate conditions during the winter
months. A small number of vehicles in the above-listed Series have experienced problems
ranging from leaking or broken valve covers to complete engine failure.
Moisture accumulating in the engine oil separator; hose to oil dipstick guide tube; or the
orifice in the dipstick guide tube can freeze. When this occurs, depending on the position
of the internal valve, it may either cause high crankcase pressures (stuck closed) resulting
in valve cover leakage and or breakage, or cause an oil hydro-lock condition (stuck open),
which could result in engine damage.
Replace the crankcase vent valve, crankcase vent hoses, and dipstick guide tube.
| Image
1.   Replace the oil separator and hoses (1) with the new insulated style (2).
2.   If the vehicle is already equipped with the new insulated crankcase ventilation valve
and hose, only replace the dipstick guide tube with the part number from the list by model
3.   If the vehicle is not equipped with the new insulated crankcase ventilation valve and
hose, replace those parts with the updated style and replace the dipstick guide tube with
the part number from the list by model below.
Image ~|
Image ~|
images are in order of article
you will get a transcript of this at end of chat.
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Master Tech Lee
juan  2:22:09 PM
Okay thanks
Master Tech Lee
 2:22:32 PM
Keep in touch and you are very Welcome!
 2:27:06 PM
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